Volkswagen Shows Pickup Concept

Fear not – this isn’t a prop from an upcoming revival of Baywatch.; Instead, Volkswagen simply chose to preview its upcoming truck with this beach-flavored Pickup Concept.

Though the lifeguard-themed accessories can be chalked up to German imaginations run amok, much of what you see here is production intent.; The corporate grille is here in full force, looking more macho than the Touareg.; We’d say the same for the pickup’s beltline and fenders, which are square and chiseled, unlike the rounded forms of the SUV.

Designers stuffed more concept goodies (including walkie-talkies, an altimeter and a nifty touch-screen HVAC system) into the truck, but much of the grey-on-grey interior is ready for production.

So too is the powertrain.; Volkswagen’s not talking specifics as of yet, but they do mention a new common-rail turbo-diesel engine lurks underhood.; The concept uses a six-speed manual transmission, and we’re betting a form of Volkswagen’s 4Motion drivetrain sends power to all four wheels.

We’ll know for sure in 2009, when the Pickup enters production in Europe, South America, Africa, and Australia – but not the U.S.; Regardless of the market, life jackets, rescue buoys, and fire extinguishers will be aftermarket accessories.