Volkswagen R GmbH Performance Division Officially Launched

The same people that brought you the Volkwagen Golf R at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, as well as various R Line packages and the Scirocco R, have just made their presence official. Volkswagen R GmbH, as it will be called, is now the in-house performance department of the VW brand.

“Our vehicles contribute to the emotionalization and growth of Volkswagen brand,” said Ulrich Riestenpatt gt. Richter, general manager of Volkswagen R GmbH.

Consider the division similar to BMW’s M branch, Mercedes’ AMG program, or Fiat’s Abarth arm. All fall under the blanket of their parent company, while offering products with added exclusivity and performance relative to the standard models. The current Europe-only Golf R and Scirocco R are the first models to be developed by the over-350-strong workforce, the Golf essentially being a successor to the special-edition R32.

New R Line packages will also emerge from the doors of Volkswagen R GmbH, including the Volkswagen Passat CC R Line, with special emblems, wheels, ground effects, and other touch-ups. A Tiguan R Line has also launched in Europe, alongside similar packages for the Golf, Touareg, and Touran.

Currently, the only product from Volkswagen R that the U.S. will be getting is the Passat CC R Line. Given the cult following previous R32s enjoyed Stateside, we’re not ruling out VW bringing the Golf R to our shores, along with a few more R Line variants.

Source: Volkswagen

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