Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan to be Sold with Hybrid and Diesel Variants

Volkswagen has been pushing diesel-powered cars as the next step in fuel efficiency, with various diesel engines available in vehicles throughout its model lineup. Now, the German automaker is reportedly taking things a step further and building a hybrid version of its new midsize sedan (NMS) that will debut in 2012.

A company source revealed to Autocar that both a hybrid and diesel variant of VW’s NMS, the upcoming Passat replacement, will be available. According to the source, the hybrid NMS will be available by summer 2012. No specifications were given regarding the hybrid’s fuel efficiency or powertrain setup.

Unlike the hybrid, a diesel-powered NMS will be available right from the car’s launch in 2011. The diesel version of the car will use the same 2.0-liter diesel as in the VW Jetta and Audi A3. Because the NMS will be heavier than the Jetta TDI with the same engine, it won’t see the same 30/42 mpg (city/highway) rating, but it should still be capable of some impressive fuel economy figures.

In addition to the upcoming NMS, VW may have another small SUV on the way. Insiders told Autocar that VW is looking into a long-wheelbase version of the Tiguan to make it more appealing to American customers.

Source: Autocar

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