Volkswagen Needs to Sell 100,000 Amaroks to Bring Truck to U.S.

Volkswagen plans on selling its new Amarok pickup truck in Europe and South America, but it seems ever more unlikely that the truck will be sold in North America. sat down with Stefan Jacoby, Volkswagen of America’s president and CEO, who talked about the whopping sales volumes needed to make a North American Amarok a reality. According to Jacoby, VW would have to sell 100,000 Amaroks annually in order to build a business case for the truck.

Of course, such a figure is highly unlikely, given the current state of the compact pickup market. The best-selling compact pickup is Toyota’s Tacoma, which managed to eke past Jacoby’s figure by approximately 2337 units through November. The next best-selling truck is Ford’s Ranger, with approximately half that number sold in the same time frame.

Additionally, there’s the matter of the so-called “Chicken Tax” which adds a 25-percent tariff to light trucks manufactured outside of the U.S. (presently, the pickup is built in Argentina), and the fact that VW is concentrating on revamping its passenger car lineup (think NMS) in the near future.

“Before we could bring [the Amarok] here we’d have to do a lot of homework,” said Jacoby. “But we have other vehicles to bring into this market first. Once we do that, we can talk about the Amarok.”



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