Visions of Hako: Scion Considers New Additions to Lineup

The launch of the 2011 Scion TC completes a full-circle refresh of Scion’s model lineup since inception. Now, Toyota’s youth-oriented division may focus on conquering new niches, and giving life to past Toyota and Scion concept vehicles.

After the launch of the 2011 tC, Scion will introduce the iQ, based on the existing Toyota model of the same name. From that point forward, Scion’s options are open as far as finding new niches that appeal to younger buyers, according to Scion Vice President Jack Hollis.

“I don’t think Scion needs to be reinvented, but we need to find the next dimension,” Hollis said.

Up for consideration are production versions of past concept cars. Scion has not ruled out the Toyota A-BAT pickup truck, which Toyota confirmed it will not produce. Also a possibility is the Scion Hako, a mixed-utility concept from 2009 that has yet to receive the green light.

While it’s unclear whether or not Scion’s lineup will grow, or if the rumored models will replace existing ones, successful launches will be critical to the brand.

Do vehicles like the A-BAT and Hako have a place in the Scion lineup? Or are their designs too wild for the target market? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)


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