Video: World’s Greatest Drag Race 3 With Stripped Down Audio

Our friends at Motor Trend have staged another epic drag race, and their most recent 12-car battle was the biggest yet with a combined 82 cylinders, 5171 hp, 4144 lb-ft of torque, and a total vehicle cost of $1,686,294. Now, that drag race is presented with nothing but natural engine sounds providing the soundtrack in this episode of Wide Open Throttle.  

The race, which starts at the 19:36 mark, begins with the unadulterated exhaust notes of competitors as they rev their engines. The 12 contenders are shown lined up as a helicopter drifts across the frame with rotors spinning in slow-motion. Tires then squeal in unison as the cars all launch off the line, with the Nissan GT-R rocketing for an early lead, as expected. We then get to enjoy the sounds of each competitor as the camera switches vantage points from one car to another before all cross the finish line.

In the preceding roundtable discussion, the hosts go into greater detail about the competition results, and reveal their personal finishing orders. The hosts also address commenters’ concerns of bias, further clarifying the reasons why the two American-branded cars finished last. An expert from The Tire Rack then explains why the cars don’t all compete on the same tire, saying that cars in this class are engineered with the original-equipment tires in mind.

Check out the full episode below and skip to 19:36 if you just want to hear the raw, thunderous engine notes of the drag race. If you missed the third installment of the World’s Greatest Drag Race, you can also find that below.

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