Video: Watch the 2013 Lexus CT F Sport Kick Up Dirt

On this episode of the World’s Fastest Car Show, Justin Bell takes a hybrid to a couple unlikely places: to the dirt and then to the track. But he’s not driving just any hybrid; Bell is driving the sporty 2013 Lexus CT F Sport.

Bell goes over the CT’s exterior, pointing out the front fascia that makes it look aggressive with the spindle grille. Filming at a wind farm, Bell says he feels quite plugged into his environment with the hybrid. With an open dirt road ahead of him, Bell can’t resist kicking up dirt in the CT as he takes it on a rally-style shakedown.

After getting the hybrid dusty, Bell takes the CT to the track to discover how it performs. Although he jokingly wishes the 134-hp hybrid had at least 300 hp, Bell is delighted with how it performs around the track, saying that when it comes to handling, he’s driven lots of cars that are less capable. It’s a good thing when technology, good looks, and good taste all come together in one sporty package, he says.

Find out what else Bell has to say about the 2013 Lexus CT F Sport in the video below.