Video: McLaren 12C Used to Film Forza 5 Graphics

Video game meets McLaren 12C.

A McLaren 12C is used as a high-speed camera car to shoot footage of the upcoming Forza Motorsport 5 video game in a new set of videos. Although this McLaren may be one of the fastest camera cars in the world, these videos show that there are many more calculations involved to capture the shot than you might think.

Mounted with 140 pounds of camera equipment, the McLaren 12C was chosen for its high-speed abilities to race past 680 aluminum frames at 120 mph with a Phantom Flex camera bolted to its engine block. Director Jeff Zwart rode shotgun with racer Tanner Foust in the McLaren 12C camera car. In a behind-the-scenes video, one of Foust’s “Top Gear USA” co-hosts, Rutledge Wood, appears in the passenger seat as the car is driven around the track.

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With the aluminum frames up to five-and-a-half feet wide, the engineers needed to calculate the exact camera film speed as the 12C traveled past the frames at 120 mph. Zwart adjusted the camera settings during the high-speed run.

Check out the videos below to see what it takes to feel life-like footage for Forza Motorsport 5!