Very Smart: Toyota iQ Electric Prototype is One Small EV

Like its Smart brother, the Toyota iQ will be going all-electric. We will get our first good glimpse of the iQ EV at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The iQ city car will be a Scion here in the United States, and the electric prototype will be tested extensively in Europe this year before its commercial release. Replacing the gas tank is a freshly molded, flat lithium-ion battery that sits beneath the iQ’s floor. Based on current estimates, the iQ EV would be good for around 65 miles of travel.

Now, 65 miles doesn’t sound like a whole lot of mileage, but early iQ EV adopters will presumably be more than privy to the range limitations. The plug-in port is located behind a flap on the front grille, where the standard J1772 plug will find use. Toyota didn’t have to look far for the technology and adapted its Hybrid Synergy Drive to propel the iQ EV with pure electricity.

After the Geneva Motor Show debut next month, Toyota expects a leasing program to come into play in 2012. Though the U.S. is already on the radar, the Japanese automaker is also exploring other potential markets where a car with a 65-mile range would be considered.

Expect more propulsion details and specifications when the Geneva Motor Show gets underway.