Vehicular Harmonica: Mini New Zealand Launches Carmonica Commercial

If you thought the constant drone of vuvuzelas at the 2010 World Cup was annoying, grab your earplugs, because you’re in for something possibly even more irritating. Mini’s New Zealand marketing recently strapped several harmonicas to a Clubman to create what it dubs the Carmonica.

Always thinking outside the box for quirky ways to get its products into the spotlight, Mini is known for its wacky ad campaigns, and the Carmonica is no different. The automaker’s advertising agency sought a fun new way to promote the car by gluing 330 harmonicas to nearly every surface of the car that would result in sound from the musical instruments. The result is an unusual chord that varies in volume and pitch, depending on both the car’s speed and surroundings.

The ploy is clever, and somewhat reminiscent of Honda’s Musical Road. Unlike that project, however, Mini’s Carmonica allows drivers to bring a song — or at least a note — wherever they go.

Source: Mini, Youtube

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