U.S. Military Orders More ZAP Electric Trucks

After ordering several trucks in June, the United States military has placed a second order for more Zap XL electric trucks for use at an overseas base.

This time around, the government ordered 11 trucks, along with five 220-volt fast-charging stations in lieu of the normal on-board 110-volt smart chargers. Using the high-voltage chargers, the Zap truck can reportedly be almost fully recharged within an hour.

The company also isexperiencing an increase in interest from fleet buyers, including the FAA, which recently orderedseven Zap trucks. As a result, the company recently negotiated agreements with the manufacturing supply line to increase production.

“We have been increasing our production and assembly schedules for the past several months,” said Zap COO Amos Kazzaz, “and I expect to see even more ramp-up initiatives in the next quarter.”