Updated 2009 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Revealed

With the recent barrage of new mid-cycle Porsches, the 2009 911 GT3 RSR is the latest 911 variant based on the 997.5 architecture.

The 911 GT3 RSR is the most powerful racer model of the 911 GT3 and has been heavily modified for the 2009 GT2 racing season. The new RSR features a completely revised cooling system, which is immediately visible, as the 2009 RSR has extra louvers on the hood. The louvers were added as part of the redesigned radiator ducting.

The engine also underwent significant changes for 2009. It now displaces 4.0 liters instead of 3.8 and produces 450 hp at 7800 RPM. In accordance with 2009 GT2 regulations, the size of the engine air restrictors were reduced as well. The engine’s displacement was boosted to help counter this reduction and to optimize the torque curve. Peak torque of 317 ft-lbs is now reached at 7250 RPM with a rev limiter at 9000 RPM.

Aerodynamics have been revised to make the car more adjustable, with the rear wing now allowing a wider range of movement. Porsche went to some lengths to remove weight as well – the brakes and wiring harness have been lightened and “weight-optimized” to improve handling. Interestingly, an air-conditioning unit has been added as an option.

To make the car more serviceable, Porsche moved the fast oil refill system to the rear decklid. A new air-jack system with overpressure valve (as seen on several other Le Mans cars) has been added to make pit stops faster. Another feature to make the cars more identifiable during endurance races is programmable multi-function controller, that – among other things – allows teams to program the blinking front lights.

Twenty of these powerful machines have been built, and are now being delivered to various motorsport teams. The 2009 911 GT3 RSR costs 380,000 Euros ($490,500) plus tax specific to each country.


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