Update: Probability of Next-Generation Audi A1 Coming to U.S. ‘Quite High’

Earlier this year Audi announced that it’s expanding sales of its current subcompact A1 globally with the exception of the U.S., but that we might get the next-generation car. An Audi executive at the Paris Motor Show updated consumers on the chances of the A1 coming Stateside, saying that the odds are “quite high.”

“Consumers are asking for small cars, and there is the likelihood that the second generation of the A1 will come to the U.S.,” Audi’s board member for sales and marketing, Peter Schwarzenbauer, told Automotive News.

A final decision about importing the pint-sized car won’t be made for over a year-and-a-half, but it’s likely the second-generation will come to the U.S. Audi made the decision not to bring the current car to the U.S. several years ago when gas prices were low and consumer demand for small, fuel efficient cars was at a minimum. With the rise and fluctuation in fuel prices and growing consumer interest in small cars, Audi will likely decide to import the A1 once the second-generation car goes on sale.

In addition to fuel economy and general curiosity about small cars, the A1 itself has garnered quite a bit of interest. The A1 was originally intended only for European consumption, designed as a competitor to BMW’s Mini and 1 Series and Mercedes-Benz’s A-Class, but Audi is taking sales global after the car received a huge amount of unexpected interest.

Audi recently did something similar with a Facebook petition to bring the high-performance TT RS to the U.S. — it worked and the TT RS will arrive here in the second-half of 2011. Do you think Audi should do something similar to bring the A1 here sooner (at a greater cost due to re-engineering) or should they wait until the second-generation car?

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)

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