Upcoming Volkswagen Pickup to be called Amarok, Could be Coming to U.S.

According to, Volkswagen has chosen a name for its new mid-size pickup. Although it was originally thought the truck would be called the Robust, according to a VW release, the official name will be the Amarok.

VW got the name from the Inuit word for “wolf.” The release says “The Inuit regard the wolf as the king of the wilderness, an impressive figure due to its strength, robustness, endurance and superiority.” VW added: “This name also means ‘he loves stones’ in the Romance languages, which are spoken in the major markets in Brazil and Argentina.”

“This name fits to a tee the characteristics of our pickup, which will set new standards in its class. We took great care selecting this name, which can be used globally. The Amarok is meant to invoke positive associations in all relevant international markets and make a more convincing argument than its established competitors right from the start,” said Stephan Schaller, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The truck will be built in VW’s manufacturing plant in Pacheco, Argentina and will go initially go on sale South America and Europe. It turns out that VW might also consider bringing the truck to the U.S. as well. A separate article on reports that VW has already registered the Amarok name for use in this country.

However, one might notice that European pickup trucks in the U.S. are a rare sight. The reason and potential hurdle for the Amarok is the so-called “chicken tax.” The tax is result of a trade dispute between the U.S. and Europe in the ’60s, when they put a 25-percent tax on our exported chickens and we put a 25-percent tax on their imported trucks. Thus VW might have a hard time competing with the domestic mid-sized pickup trucks in terms of price if the Amarok were to ever come stateside.



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