Ultimate Australian Sh Ute Out!

With the rebirth of Aussie muscle, we said there’s no better time to vacation in Australia – and proved us right.; They’ve sent a correspondent down under for the ultimate ute comparo:; Holden’s VE Ute SS versus Ford’s new Falcon FG XR8.

For the ultimate Sh-Ute-Out, both muscle trucks were flogged across highway, dragstrip, and some good ol’ fashioned outback dirt.; It’s not too surprising to see these descendants of the El Camino and Ranchero, respectively, take to street and strip, but seeing them doing some mild off-roading – even fording some water – is a bit peculiar.
So who’s the winner?; Although that answer depends mostly on your brand allegiance, we do know the loser:; the North American market.; Although we’re getting the VE Ute in the form of Pontiac’s G8 Sport Truck (official name still forthcoming), we won’t be getting the Falcon anytime soon.


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