UK Government to Invest $14.9 Million in Gordon Murray’s Electric City Car

Gordon Murray is best known for his work on the McLaren F1 supercar, but he’s been developing a city car for some time now. Although he has shown several concepts and design sketches of a gasoline-powered city car called the T25, his group recently received a £9 million ($14.9 million) investment from the British government to develop an electric version.

Like the T25, Murray’s electric car (reportedly named the T27) will be even smaller than the smart fortwo. Although Murray hasn’t launched the vehicle (and has actually indicated he hopes to sell all rights to the design to an independent firm), the funding from the government will be used to design and build four EV prototypes over a 16-month period.

So far, Murray has given no final word on when the T25 or T27 will go into production. He did say the T27 prototypes are scheduled to be complete by February of 2011 and that it “will be the world’s most efficient electric vehicle.”

Source: Car Magazine