Ugur Sahin Design and Mallett Cars Team Up to Produce the USD Mallett Z03

Ugur Sahin showed his Corvette Z03 concept in early 2008 and stunned us with its design. Now, the concept will be produced in limited numbers by Mallett Cars.

The USD Mallett Z03 starts life as a base Chevrolet C6 Corvette or a Z06 and is then transformed into what is arguably one of the most stunning vehicles in recent years. With its sculpted flanks and boldly flared fenders, this car cannot be mistaken for anything else on the road.

Sahin used the Z03 name to combine two of the Corvette’s worlds, the performance of the new Z06 and the C3 Corvette’s he drew inspiration from. In addition to using the classic C3 Corvette for inspiration, the Z03 seems to have elements from renowned design firm Pininfarina as the front seems to be the offspring of a Z06 and a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

The USD Mallett Z03 backs up its gorgeous looks with earth-shaking power. Mallett has made two different tuning kits available, although separately from the bodywork conversion. Both tuning kits are built from the Z06’s LS7 powerplant and use two different methods of forced induction to add power to the already potent LS7. The more pedestrian version uses a single supercharger to make 700 hp. For those whom believe in Tim Allen’s idea of “more power,” a twin-turbo LS7 making 999 hp is available as well.

The C6 Corvette is a bargain performance car, but adding the looks of a true exotic won’t come cheap and neither will upping the car’s power. The price of the bodywork conversion for the USD Mallett Z03 is set at $69,000. If you choose to increase the donor Corvette’s power, it will set you back $32,700 for the 700-hp “Dead Blow Hammer Conversion” and $35,795 for the 999-hp “APS Twin Turbo Hammer Conversion.” Factor in the base price of a new Z06 donor car and you’re looking at a price tag between $175,700 and $178,795.

If you’re tired of being lost in a sea of Ferraris and Bentleys in your neighborhood, the USD Mallett Z03 seems like a pretty good deal with its jaw-dropping looks and neck snapping performance. With a production run shorter than the Ferrari Enzo’s (only 100 cars will be produced), it’s likely you’ll never see another one of these cars while you’re behind the wheel of yours.


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2011 Ferrari 599

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