UAW President Ron Gettelfinger to Retire in 2010

Ron Gettelfinger, current UAW President, said he will retire in 2010.

Gettelfinger is currently 64, and the United Auto Workers union requires executives to retire at age 65. He will abide by the union rules and retire in 2010. The UAW President was reportedly considering serving a fourth term, which would have put him past the age limit of 65. He denied he was considering a fourth term this morning in an interview with Paul W. Smith.

As of yet, it is unknown who will replace Gettelfinger as UAW President. Whoever does replace him will be in an interesting position with the current condition of the auto industry and Detroit Three. Until he retires, Gettelfinger will continue working with the Detroit Three on necessary concessions to meet the government’s bailout requirements.

Source: Detroit News