Two VW Concepts Premier at Wörthersee 2009

Volkswagen recently launched a new Polo and GTI andwill bringone concept of each to Wörthersee 2009, a German gathering of Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts.

Many concept cars showcase astounding power or are incredibly extravagant. The Polo concept is neither, as it features a tasteful color scheme and a stock 1.4-liter I-4 engine.

The Polo concept is decked out in sporty “Flash Red” paint, complete with black racing stripes. 18-inch “Budapest” alloy wheels, also finished in black, match the stripes. The red and black color scheme works well on the car, with a blacked-out grill and mirror caps further enhancing the look.

The color scheme continues inside, where black nappa leather adorns most surfaces. The Polo’s normal seats are scrapped in favor of sport seats, trimmed in black leather with red accents.

A similar theme is used on the Golf GTI concept, and as a result, no engine modifications have been made, save for a tuned exhaust system. The concept GTI features a brilliant “Firespark Metallic” paint job thatcontrasts with the black 19-inch wheels and a black center stripe. Volkswagen rounded out the exterior modifications with new smoked LED taillights.

Likewise, the Golf’s interior also is tricked out in the same pattern. Black nappa leather rules the interior, which sports red and white highlights and trim pieces. The sport seats share a similar color scheme as those in the Polo, but the seat centers are made of a material called hexagon.

These specials are attractive, but we wonder if they’ll whet the appetites of those gathering at the Wörthersee show. After all, they’re used to some crazy concepts – the Golf W12 being but one example.