Turn Your Volkswagen Jetta into a Pickup for $3500

Let’s say you simply cannot wait and see if Volkswagen Amarok pickup ever comes stateside, and you’re in possession of a Mark IV VW Jetta that you’d be willing to send under the knife. Good news — Smyth Kit Cars of Wareham, Massachusetts has your back with its Volkswagen Jetta Ute kit conversion pickup truck. Prost!

Smyth essentially conducts a trunk-ectomy on a Jetta sedan, also removing the rear doors. If this sounds like a hassle that’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth, consider that the conversion doesn’t require moving the suspension or fuddling with the fuel tank or rear axle. All it will entail to turn your sedan into a Volkswagen Jetta Ute is bolting on a new rear section, new rear quarter panels, a tubular reinforced steel bed, steel roof supports and a rear sliding window, a steel tailgate, taillights, a center rear roll pan, and a full subframe to stabilize the cabin and new rear end.

Replacing the rear seat with an amount of cargo space usually reserved for small light-duty pickups, the Volkswagen Jetta Ute boasts the following bed dimensions: 68 inches deep, 17 inches tall, and 37 inches wide between the wheel well ramp tops (49 inches including the width of the ramps).

Recognize that rear end and taillight assembly? Pickup fans will remember it from the first-generation Ford Explorer Sport Trac. What the Volkswagen Jetta Ute doesn’t borrow is its German underpinnings, which could include either a torquey diesel four-cylinder or powerful turbocharged VR6 six-cylinder engine depending on the donor car’s powertrain.

Not many would think to convert their humble VW sedan into a Volkswagen Jetta Ute kit truck, but those with mind for the funky and off-beat can get the whole swap done in a weekend for $3500 after a $500 initial deposit. It’s a modest price for an undeniably unique kit car, and it’s considerably sharper than a Subaru Baja or the unsightly Chevrolet SSR.

What do you think? Is it divine inspiration or sacrilege? Let us know in the comments below.

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