Tuner Launches Tesla Model S Body Kit

Tesla has answered speed-obsessed critics with the Tesla Model S P85, which is one of the first true all-electric performance cars for the road. Now, with a new aftermarket tuner line of Tesla Model S vehicles, all-electric junkies can aspire to even greater levels of silent performance.

The tuner program will be called Unplugged Performance, operated under the umbrella of California-based Bulletproof Automotive. Company president Ben Schaffer claims that “regardless of how incredible a car is, there is always room for further improvement and the Tesla is no exception… Even the greatest of supercars have the ability to become better still when upgraded with the right selection of parts.”

Unplugged Performance will add a slew of lightweight and aerodynamic body upgrades for its first round of improvements. The kit includes a carbon fiber front fascia, spoiler and diffuser; side skirt set; and rear trunk spoiler, under spoiler and diffuser. The upgraded body kit is said to reduce underbody airflow to keep the Tesla Model S more stable at high speeds. Unplugged Performance customers can order the parts individually or as a complete set.

Down the road we can expect to see more significant internal hardware and software modifications that will include a performance-tuned suspension and a more powerful electric motor. If the Tesla Model S was not already distinct enough from the automotive masses, the Unplugged Performance package will surely add the more aggressive styling and eventually the added muscle to satisfy Tesla’s most passionate enthusiasts.

Unplugged Performance’s Tesla Model S body upgrade is available now.