Toyota to Introduce Smaller and Larger Prius Variations by 2013

The Toyota Prius is quite possibly the world’s most well-recognized hybrid, and the Japanese automaker is ready to introduce smaller and larger versions by 2013.

The smaller Prius is expected to be close in dimensions to the subcompact Yaris while the larger version is supposed to possess 50-percent more interior space and storage than the currently available iteration. Joining the expanding Prius lineup is the Alpha minivan in 2011 and a plug-in hybrid due in 2012. Toyota has pledged to bring six new hybrids to the market over the next two years.

Since 1997, Toyota has sold over two million Priora around the world. The world’s biggest automaker has its sights set on selling a million hybrids per year and expects to market a hybridized version of every vehicle it sells in the 2020s.

Sources: Automotive News (Subscription required), Wall Street Journal (Subscription required)


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