Toyota Sales Boom in May; Honda and Nissan Also See Increases

Toyota took the sales lead once again in May, selling 202,973 units for an 87.3-percent gain over the 108,387 units sold last year. In second place was Honda, with 133,997 units sold – an increase of 47.6 percent over its performance last year. Nissan trailed behind in a distant third place, with sales of 91,794 units for a 20.5-percent gain.

Honda’s Hots:

Accord: Though it didn’t see the sales volume it enjoyed last month, the Accord was still strong in May, posting sales of 29,737 units for a gain of 74.7 percent over the same month last year. Though Camry sales continue to outpace Accord, Honda is preparing a next-gen model that can hopefully keep it in the midsize game.

Civic: The C-segment Civic was Honda’s volume leader in May, with sales of 33,490 units in May – up 82.6 percent over the 18,341 units sold in May 2011. Strong sales of the Civic hybrid contributed to that number, totaling 708 units for a 164.2-percent gain over the 268 units sold a year prior.

CR-V: The CR-V set a record for May at 25,186 units sold, up 54.4 percent over the 16,307 units sold the same month in 2011.  As Honda’s third best-selling model this month, the compact crossover continues to be a bright spot in the brand’s lineup.

Honda’s Not-So-Hots:

Fit: The B-segment Fit was again slow-selling in May, dropping 34.5 percent from the 5921 units sold in May 2011 to 3879 units sold this month.

Insight/CR-Z: The two dedicated hybrid models from Honda continue to slip in sales. The compact Insight sold 512 units in May, a 64.3-percent decrease from the 1435 units sold the same month in 2011. The CR-Z hatchback dipped even further, selling just 296 units for a decrease of 81.0 percent from the 1557 units sold in May last year.

Acura’s Hots:

RDX: The recently updated RDX crossover saw its best sales month ever, with 3301 units sold – an increase of 216.8 percent over the 1042 units sold in May 2011.

Toyota’s Hots:

Camry: The Camry once again led Toyota sales, and was also the best-selling Japanese midsize sedan in May at 39,571 units sold. That’s more than double the 18,830 units sold the same month last year, when Toyota’s production abilities were still crippled by the earthquake that hit Japan in March.

RAV4: Toyota’s compact crossover RAV4 led truck division sales in May, with 19,248 units sold – a gain of 123.2 percent over the 8624 units sold the same month in 2011. Though sales were relatively strong, the aging RAV4 still trailed behind Honda’s new CR-V.

Prius: The Prius was another model that was still hurting from the earthquake in May 2011, when it sold 6924 units. This past month, however, Prius sales were strong at 21,477 units. But earthquake troubles aren’t the only reason behind the model’s 210.2-percent gain, as the Prius family has grown to include two more body styles since then.

Toyota’s Not-So-Hots:

Scion tC: Sales of the front-drive Scion tC coupe dropped again in May, decreasing 17.8 percent from the 2664 units sold last year, to 2190 units. The model’s performance may continue to slide, now that the sporty, rear-drive Scion FR-S has gone on sale. That car sold exactly 86 units in May, as part of Scion’s “First 86” pre-sale program.

Lexus’ Hots:

GS: The new Lexus GS carried its sales momentum from April into last month, posting sales of 1996 units for a huge gain over the 306 units sold in May 2011. The CT hybrid also saw a big increase in May.

Lexus’ Not-So-Hots:

HS: Slow sales have finally forced Lexus to discontinue the HS hybrid, which ended production in January. The now-defunct model posted sales of 21 units in May, a decrease of 90.5 percent compared to the 220 units sold the same month last year.

Nissan’s Hots:

Rogue: The Rogue continues to be Nissan’s best-selling CUV, and second-best seller overall. Nissan sold 11,977 Rogues last month, a 72.0-percent gain year-over-year.

Titan: Nissan’s truck lineup showed strong gains in May with its full-size Titan leading the charge. Nissan sold 2166 Titans last month, a 15.4-percent increase year-to-date.

Versa: The redesigned subcompact Versa posted the biggest gains of Nissan’s car lineup. Now with a decent supply of vehicles, the Versa sold 8643 units in May.

Nissan’s Not-So-Hots:

Altima: The Altima was Nissan’s best-seller in May with 22,690 sold but that number may decrease in June as Nissan prepares for the 2013 Altima, which goes on sale toward the end of the month. Altima sales were down 11.1 percent for the month of May.

Cube and Leaf: The quirky Cube and all-electric Leaf were each down more than 50 percent in May but still far above the GT-R, which was flat in May with 135 units sold.

Infiniti’s Hots:

G Sedan: The long-running G Sedan continues to be Infiniti’s best seller at 3758 units. G Sedan sales were up 40.0 percent last month, also making it the luxury brand’s biggest gainer.

JX: The new seven-seat JX crossover is selling well. It’s already become Infiniti’s second best-seller of the month, with 2678 sold.

Infiniti’s Not-So-Hots:

EX: The compact EX crossover was Infiniti’s worst performer last month with 298 sold, marking a 32.4 percent loss year-over-year.

Source: Toyota, Honda, Nissan

Alex Nishimoto and Christian Seabaugh contributed to this post.

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