Toyota Reportedly Considering Changes to Prius’ Styling

Some cars you can recognize immediately from just a passing glance, like the Porsche 911, Volkswagen Beetle, and many would say, the Toyota Prius. The second-generation of Toyota’s hybrid model introduced a distinctive wedge-shaped profile that has shaped many customer’s expectations of what a hybrid model should look like, influencing the style of competitors that came afterward, such as the four-door Honda Insight and Chevrolet Volt. Even Toyota’s second-generation Prius that debuted for the 2010 model year was a gradual evolution of its predecessor.

So any changes to that nearly decade-old look are approached with an abundance of caution, even though Toyota’s hybrid poster-child has legions of loyal fans, and has only grown in popularity with the addition of the C compact and V crossover wagon variants. But Bloomberg is reporting a more distinctive, emotional look is being considered for the next-generation Prius. But in terms of a wholesale change of the overall profile is unlikely, as the Prius’ aerodynamic shape also contributes to its high fuel economy, one of the key marketing attributes of the brand. The change is reportedly due to a directive from Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda to make the company’s cars more exciting, and to appeal to buyers beyond the Prius’ traditional customer base.

Source: Bloomberg

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