Toyota Recall: 2010 Toyota Prius, Camry and Lexus HS250h Officially Recalled

Due to complaints about the brakes on Toyota’s hybrid cars, the company issued a voluntary recall involving around 133,000 2010 Prius hybrids and all of the 14,500 Lexus HS250h vehicles sold so far. The recall will improve the vehicles’ ABS response time and tire slippage sensitivity.

Numerous owners have complained of tire slippage and inconsistent brake operation when slowly traversing rough or slippery terrain. As a result, Toyota issued a running production software upgrade on the Prius last month, and has now determined it necessary to recall all models produce prior to this date. All global editions produced after May 2009 are subject to the recall.

The Lexus HS250h shares much of its software and brake system components with the Prius. Every HS250h produced is included in this latest recall, but a finalized solution to its software glitch has yet to be announced. A formal modification is promised to be revealed soon.

Owners of vehicles affected by the recall will receive a letter from Toyota outlining the process for repair.

On a separate but related note, Toyota has also issued a voluntary safety recall on 7300 early production 2010 Camry models powered by a four-cylinder engine. A power steering hose may be in contact with a front brake tube and could cause a brake fluid leak. Of course, this could lead to increased pedal stroke, greater stopping distances, or in the worst case scenario, complete brake failure.


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