Toyota Readies Sai Hybrid for Japan Market

Toyota hasn’t officially revealed its forthcoming Sai hybrid, but the automaker has leaked a few additional details to the motoring press.

The Sai, which will be sold solely in Japan, will be Toyota’s second product that is available only as a hybrid, much like the Prius. As had previously been reported, the Sai will be largely based upon the new Lexus HS 250h, which itself is built from the European Avensis. The automaker believes the Sai will appeal to customers who want the efficiency of a hybrid, but desire something larger than a Prius yet smaller than a Camry.

Automotive News suggests the Sai will sticker for approximately $37,000, which is roughly the same price tag the HS 250h wears in North America. Toyota plans on launching the car in Japan come December 7, and hopes to move approximately 36,000 units annually.

Source: Automotive News

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