Toyota Launches Communication Task Force

Automotive News reports that Toyota has implemented a temporary communications task force whose aim is to improve communication between corporate wings and with the company’s customers.

Ordered by company president Akio Toyoda, the BR Communication Kaizen Department’s goal is to “Improve communications with all of our stakeholders globally, working across the corporate structure,” according to a Toyota representative. The Japanese word “kaizen” translates to English as “improvement.” The task force will be led by Osamu Nagata, a previous overseer of two Japanese Toyota factories. Nagata will report directly to Toyoda.
One of the complaints critics lobbied at Toyota was its seeming inability at quickly communicating with U.S. regulators and itself as the unintended acceleration snowball began its decent down the hill. The newly created task force appears to be a response to this complaint.
This week, Toyoda testified in a House hearing where he apologized and took responsibility for the series of recalls, which now account for more than 8 million vehicles.
Source: Automotive News (subscription required)


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