Toyota could build all Tundra pickups in Texas

All your Tundras are belong to Texas.

Update: Toyota has issued a press release stating that no decision has been made to move Tundra production to Texas.

Though Tundra sales were just under the 200,000 units Toyota hoped to move for 2007, production has already been cut by an unspecified amount for 2008. Now the Wall Street Journal says Toyota may stop building Tundras in its Indiana plant.

The Princeton, Indiana plant has the capacity for 100,000 Tundras per year, while San Antonio’s facility can push out 200,000 trucks each year. Shifting all Tundra production to Texas might mean Toyota isn’t confident it would be able to sell more than 200,000 Tundras per year, even with new versions of the truck that will debut in the future.


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