Top 10 In-Car Technological Features We’re Thankful For

With Thanksgiving coming up, our thoughts are all turning to holiday meals, family conversations…and the inevitable road trip. While we don’t have any tips on how to deal with loud-mouthed relatives or the inevitable family political argument, we did collect our favorite 10 in-car technological features for your reading pleasure (and preparations for the long drives ahead).

Bluetooth Connectivity

With the exception of texting and driving–which is either illegal in your state, a horrendously bad idea, or both–Bluetooth ensures that there’s almost no good reason to pick up your phone while driving anymore. In-car Bluetooth has evolved over the years from using a microphone and your cars speakers to replicate a phone call, to adding steering wheel buttons and interactive on-screen controls to access speed dial. Almost more importantly, most Bluetooth-enabled cars now offer Bluetooth stereo, which gets rid of AUX cables and ports and wirelessly streams music from any device and any source.

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