To Bait NBC, Conan O’Brien Creates the “Bugatti Veyron Mouse”

Conan O’Brien’s time on “The Tonight Show” may be dwindling, but that’s not stopping him from crafting new — if not expensive — comedy bits. Last night, he proudly introduced a new character: a Bugatti Veyron dressed like a mouse.

Why? According to “CoCo” himself, until he finally leaves NBC (which may be this Friday), “we can pretty much do whatever we want. And they have to pay for it.” So, enter the cartoonish Veyron.

“The most expensive car in the world, dressed up like a mouse,” Conan proclaimed.

The car was unveiled to the tune of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.” If you’re wondering how this song pertains to the car, the short answer is it doesn’t.

“Let me ask you a question,” O’Brien continued. “Is this appropriate music for a car that looks like a mouse? No! Does it add anything at all to this comedy bit? No it doesn’t! Is it crazy expensive to play on the air, not to mention the rights to re-air this clip on the internet? Hell yes!”

That last bit may be why NBC removed the video from its own Web site and from Although Conan claims the entire sketch cost NBC $1.5 million, Jalopnik discovered the Veyron was actually loaned by the Petersen Automotive Museum. The cost to repeatedly air one of the most legendary rock-and-roll songs, however, likely won’t come cheap.

While NBC won’t show the segment (it’s stripped from last night’s episode on Hulu), thanks to several enterprising YouTube posters, you still can — at least for the time being.

Source: NBC, Jalopnik