Three’s Company: Morgan Reviving Three-Wheel Design for 2011

Cars like the Aero SuperSports and EvaGT may be some of the most technologically advanced Morgan motorcars ever built, but that doesn’t mean the British sports car manufacturer has forgotten its roots. In fact, the company’s reaching into its history books and reviving one of its oldest designs for 2011: a three-wheeled sports car, which it officially dubs the Three-wheeler.

Morgan’s three-wheeled roots reach back almost a hundred years, as the company began building the sport trikes — two wheels up front, one in back — in 1909. Production ran all the way until 1952, when the company concentrated upon further developing its four-wheeled products, notably the 4/4.

While later Morgan trikes utilized small Ford four-cylinder engines, early cars utilized v-twin cylinder engines, mounted in front. The new three-wheeler will apparently follow suit — according to the automaker, the new car will be fitted with a 1.8-liter V-twin sourced from Harley Davidson, which channels its 100 horsepower to the rear wheel through a Mazda-built 5-speed manual transmission. Seeing as the aluminum-bodied vehicle weighs only 1100 pounds, Morgan predicts the car will move from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, before hitting a top speed of 115 mph.

Buyers will initially be able to select from eight different paint colors, along with a leather-trimmed cabin in either black or tan. Per tradition, Morgan will customize the Threewheeler to a customer’s demands, but only after building a certain number of standard cars.

We’ve yet to see any firm production or pricing numbers for the Threewheeler, but the company does plan on building a limited number in 2011. Unless Morgan can find a loophole to certify this as a cycle with the DOT, don’t expect many — or any — to make the trek stateside.

Source: Morgan