This man is upset

Look at you. Look what you’ve done. Now why on God’s green Earth would you want to go and piss off Jackie Stewart?

Yes. That’s right; he’s upset because you’re not buying this:

Roger Hart’s latest book, Postcards from Detroit, is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while. Granted, we live relatively close to Detroit, and granted, before-we-were-born Formula 1 stuff is pretty much the greatest thing ever. But even given all that, Hart’s book is fantastic; it’s filled with candid pit moments, great photography, and shots of Senna and Mansell blasting along the Detroit River.

Whatever you do, just stop pissing Jackie off. He’s got our home phone number, and he knows where we live. And frankly, angry Scotsmen keep us from sleeping.

(Postcards From Detroit, by Roger Hart. David Bull Publishing, $25. Images courtesy David Bull Publishing.)