The Kids Aren’t Alright: Toyota’s Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme Hits SEMA

Toyota is under the impression they can take what they’ve seen on MTV, wrap it around a minivan and achieve instant cool. Still, it doesn’t matter what cool shapes you carve them into or what super hero bowl you put them in, kids won’t eat brussel sprouts. A minivan decked out like Snoop Dog’s Impala is still, at the end of the day, a minivan — but a stretched minivan? To the automaker, that idea seems worthy of a SEMA concept vehicle.

Unveiled yesterday at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the so-called, Swagger Wagon Supreme, is Toyota’s latest attempt at making a minivan cool. Built in conjunction with B.A.D. Company, a 2011 Sienna SE V-6 was built to the mantra of “always for kids, now for parents too.” The first and most important step in giving parents what they want in a vehicle is to get them further away from their offspring.

To accomplish this, the family hauler was lengthened by 44 inches. The added length allowed the installation of two swiveling captains chairs and a rear bench seat with reversible seat cushions in the rear. The interior was appointed with Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor with matching cherry veneer cabinets, which are capped with DuPont Corian countertops. To entertain the family, a 23-inch HP Touchsmart computer runs an in car entertainment system that also includes an Xbox 360 and a 12-speaker, 1700-watt audio system to drown out the chorus of “are we there yet” chants.

To give the stretched Sienna its full swagger, the exterior was sprayed with a multi-step paint process after the door handles were shaved, an acrylic roof was added, and a custom spoiler was grafted on (after all, nothing says cool like a minivan with a spoiler). For the ultimate in curb appeal, the standard springs and dampers were replaced with air bags, feasibly allowing mom and dad to adjust the ride height from 2.5 to 6.5 inches. On its lowest setting, the van actually tucks its mammoth 20-inch KMC wheels and Nitto tires.