Tesla Opens First European Store in London

European EV enthusiasts, rejoice. If you’ve been contemplating saving up for a Tesla Roadster of your own, you can now head to the company’s flagship store in London to plunk down your hard-earned money.

Although the company has a few stores (not dealers, mind you; they’re run by the company itself) in the United States, the London facility, located near Cheval Place, is Tesla’s first retail facility in Europe.

Tesla is already well known in Europe,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “We expect the London store to dramatically increase our brand identity through the continent.” If all goes according to plan, several other stores —including outlets in Monaco, Munich, and Zurich — will assist with this goal.

This summer, the first Roadsters — 250 Signature Edition models — will reach European customers at a price of £94,000 ($154,000). Those who desire (or require) a right-hand-drive model will need to wait slightly longer — they’ll not be available until early 2010.

Expensive they may be, but Tesla reports it has already booked 1300 European orders for the Roadster. Perhaps the possible reductions in VAT, congestion charge, and luxury tax make the boutique EV more attractive…