Tesla Motors Now Makes Service House Calls

Too busy to make a service run for your car? If you happen to own a Tesla Roadster, you’re in luck. The company now has a mobile service lab, allowing for regular maintenance and repairs to be performed at the customer’s home.

“Our customers told us that they wanted service that was convenient, clean, and fast,” said Greg Zanghi, Tesla’s director of service operations. “Our ‘house call’ approach is just what the doctor ordered.”

Patterned after similar tech services offered by Best Buy (i.e. “Geek Squad”) and other retailers, Tesla’s technicians — officially called “mobile service rangers” — can perform repairs at the customer’s home, office, or wherever the car may be.You’ll have to pay for the privilege, however — customers are charged a $1 per round-trip mile, and there’s a minimum charge of $100 per service call.

Although major repairs will still have to be tackled by a formal dealer, Tesla’s roving repair shops can perform a number of regular tasks, dolight repairs, and update vehicle software. For the time being, the service is only offered in the U.S, but Tesla envisions expanding it to the European market as well.

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