2007 Suzuki X-Head Concept

[cars name="Suzuki"]‘s mini 4×4 concept can be configured as a recreational off-roader, a rescue vehicle or the world’s smallest motor home.

-Neoprene seats
-Dashboard uses one sweeping video monitor instead of gauges
-1.4-liter four-cylinder
-Interior courtesy light is also a removable flashlight and, in a pinch, a hammer

Suzuki says: The X-Head is a new kind of cross-utility vehicle that delivers all kinds of value by allowing users to change its form using various interchangeable load-bed units for purposes ranging from enjoyment to emergency rescue.

We say: Please build this. We’re not even sure why, exactly, but we have a feeling that the world would be a better place with X-Heads on the road. Also, you wouldn’t want Daihatsu to have the “tiny jacked-up boxy 4×4 with bizarre name” market all to itself with the Mudmaster-C.

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19 City / 26 Hwy

Cargo (Std/Max):

NA / 12.5 cu. ft.