Suzuki Will Debut C-Segment S-Cross Crossover Concept at Paris Motor Show

It looks like the ranks of compact crossover vehicles will grow one more this year: Suzuki announced it will debut a concept car previewing a c-segment crossover called the S-Cross at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Suzuki says that the car brings equal parts “emotion,” “quality,” and “aerodynamics” to the table, and at least the third of those characteristics is evidenced by the swoopy, sleek sketch Suzuki released along with the news. Not surprisingly, the company says it’s looking to “create a cutting-edge crossover.”

The challenge now, however, is figuring out anything else about this Suzuki because we know essentially nothing about it. The design is a clear departure from Suzuki’s current SX4 hatchback/crossover, and looks nothing like the last Suzuki crossover we saw, the XA Alpha Crossover that debuted in New Delhi last year, so it’s probably not a replacement for the former or an evolution of the latter.

If the XA is any indication, the S-Cross will likely ride atop the subcompact Suzuki Swift platform, and potentially use some or all of its three- and four-cylinder engines. Seeing as the Swift probably won’t come to the U.S. any time soon, don’t cross your fingers too hard hoping the S-Cross will land here either.

In any event, the true details will surface closer to–or at–the Paris Motor Show this September.

Source: Suzuki