Superformance Launches New Corvette Grand Sport Replica

If Chevrolet’s new Corvette Grand Sport seems a bit too tame, you may want to call the folks at Superformance. They’ll build you a licensed replica of thehardcore, race-spec 1963 Corvette Grand Sport that’s virtually a clone of the original.

Although typically known for spot-on replicas of vintage Shelby Cobras (including Pete Brock’s slippery Daytona coupe) and Ford GT40s, Superformance formed a sub-brand (Duntov Motors, LLC) to develop a spot-on replica of one of the most famous Corvette models of all time.

Considering the secrecy of the original Grand Sport project, that fame is more than a little ironic. Spearheaded by Corvette chief engineer Zora Arkus Duntov in late 1962, five examples of a race-ready ‘Vette were quietly designed and built by Chevrolet’s engineering staff. Duntov hoped the GS would evolve into factory-backed racer (and even a homologation-special production car), but once corporate directors caught wind of the program, it put the kibosh on the program. The cars were sold to private race teams, and although all five exist today, each is worth far too much to actively drive and/or race.

Superformance views its Grand Sport as a continuation series, and seeing as it largely adheres to the original car, it should be. Engineers obtained original blueprints for the car, and crafted body molds from Grand Sport #002, which was converted into a roadster by Chevy engineers shortly before the program’s death.

Customers will be able to order Superformance Grand Sports in both coupe and roadster form, with virtually any crate engine offered by GM’s Performance Parts wing stuffed into the engine bay. Better yet, we’re told Superformance’s replica can be built to be street legal, thus fulfilling Duntov’s wish (and our fantasy) of a homologation GS.

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