Super Bowl XLV Commercial Roundup: Audi, Chrysler, General Motors and More

One of the biggest television nights in the U.S. is coming up this Sunday, with some 95 million viewers set to tune into Super Bowl XLV. This makes it one of the most worthwhile — and costly — nights to advertise in television. After a rebound in 2010, carmakers are swarming back to the big game with no less than nine automotive companies, including Audi, BMW, and General Motors, set to advertise on Sunday.

Kia: Kia only made its first Super Bowl advertisement appearance last year and has prepared a new ad for this year. The South Korean automaker had a record year last year and decided to cash in on the big game to build more awareness for the brand. Specifically, Kia is using its “One Epic Ride” commercial to show the incredible lengths people will go to get a new 2011 Optima, using characters from a police officer and international criminals to aliens and an ancient Indian chief.

Hyundai: Kia’s corporate sibling Hyundai is also advertising in the Super Bowl with four separate advertisement spots. Hyundai is using the huge TV audience to help build on the success of its new Sonata mid-size sedan and to introduce its new Elantra compact car. The Elantra ad urges consumers to “Snap Out of It,” with “it” being American consumers’ complacency toward bland compact cars.

Audi: Audi is an old-pro at Super Bowl commercials, having given old luxury a run for its money two years ago with its hilarious, Godfather-inspired R8 commercial. This year, Audi will debut a commercial featuring its brand-new A8 large, luxury sedan.

Volkswagen: Volkswagen is also continuing its foray into Super Bowl advertising with a commercials featuring the 2012 Passat and teasing the 2012 New Beetle. The Passat commercial is a takeoff of Star Wars with a pint-sized Darth Vader, who discovers a new Passat in his driveway. VW’s New Beetle commercial is a redux of some of the greatest car chase scenes in movie history using insects, one with the profile of the new New Beetle.

Suzuki: Suzuki’s jumping into the Super Bowl ad  foray this year with a commercial entitled Wicked Weather. Apparently Suzuki’s definition of wicked weather is slightly different from the snow storm pummeling our Ann Arbor offices right now as the commercial features a Kizashi getting attacked by snowmen.

Bridgestone: Bridgestone is the official tire sponsor of Super Bowl XLV, so of course it had to get its own commercials in. The Japanese tire maker has two commercials showing during the big game, poking fun at scenarios we’ve all encountered. One is the emergency avoidance of furry woodland creature and the other mocks the dreaded accidental mass email. We’ll have to wait until February 6 to find out just what exactly happens.

BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz: Of these automakers, BMW is the only one to actually reveal one of its products being advertised — the new X3. BMW is also tying a contest to that advertisement, but says more ads will also be shown. Our guess is that they will be for the new 6 Series and 1 Series. Chrysler’s product lineup is virtually all-new, so we can only imagine what products will be shown. GM has a number of new products this year, from the Chevrolet Volt — which is virtually guaranteed to be shown — to the Buick Verano. So far Mercedes-Benz has only announced a contest related to the Super Bowl and that it will advertise during the big game. Its advertisements will likely include the 2012 SLK, CLS, C-Class.

As of now, these are the automotive related ads we know of, but there could be more. Tune in to the big game to find out.

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