Subaru Will Post Sales Increase

There are few bright spots this holiday season for car manufacturers, but Subaru is one of them. According to Automotive News, Subaru will likely post a sales increase for the year, albeit a small one. Through the first eleven months of 2008, sales were up 1.2 percent. Total U.S. light vehicle sales were down 16.3 percent.

“We’re doing it in a good way,” said Tom Doll, executive vice president. “The quality of our sales is very good. We aren’t selling a massive number of cars to fleets.”

“We are settled in niches, and our customer is better financially heeled than other car customers – we have good demographics.”

Subaru will post sales records for three of its models: the Forester, Legacy and Impreza. The Forester, a small crossover was redesigned for the 2009 model year, and has been very well received by the media and consumers. The Impreza compact probably owes its success to the spike in gasoline prices earlier this year. The Legacy sedan is scheduled to have a redesign next year. Doll attributes the record sales of the Legacy to the work of Subaru’s new advertising agency, Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis.

Doll is optimistic about 2009. “With the new president and promises to stimulate the economy, we are hopeful, but not anticipating big growth.”

Source: Automotive News