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Subaru Viziv Performance Concept Is a Peek at the Future WRX

Fool us once ...

Remember that handsome WRX concept from 2013? While the face made it to the production sedan, the blue coupe got Subaru faithful all hot and bothered for nothing, as coupe variant of the long-running WRX sedan never materialized. Not content with just breaking hearts back in 2013, the automaker revealed a new Viziv Performance concept in Tokyo, appearing very much like an updated, re-worked version of the older concept.

It might have short overhangs and two fewer doors than the current production WRX sedan, but the Viziv possesses a larger footprint. The concept is 182.3 inches from front to rear, incorporating a 107.5-inch wheelbase that's 3.2-inches longer than the production sedan.

Don't get your hopes up too much. At most, only a few stylistic touches from the Viziv will make their way to the next-gen WRX. Looking over what migrated from the 2013 concept, it's a safe bet we'll see the Viziv's schnoz again in the future. Beyond that, the taillights, intake, and trunk design seem like realistic expectations.

Subaru is mum on the powertrain that backs all of this two-door goodness but does admit it has horizontally opposed cylinders and all-wheel drive. For the more cautious drivers, the Viziv is packed to the gills with Subaru's next-gen assistance technology, including an updated EyeSight system, radar tech, and navigation.

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