First Look: Subaru Sport Coupe Powertrain

In recent releases, Subaru has told us that the company will reveal its sports car concept, co-developed with Toyota, at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.

Some press reports are suggesting that Subaru will be showing us their version of the Toyota FT-86, which employs the same platform and boxer drivetrain.

Well, here is the latest. Yes, Subaru will be showing us their FT-86 (under a different name of course), a rear-drive, 2.0 liter-powered coupe. But unlike Toyota who will be unveiling an upgraded body kit of their first FT-86, the Subaru variant will wear what they are calling a “skeleton see-through” plastic body kit, showing its chassis and powertrain. Apparently the plexiglass body will resemble the shape of the FT-86 but will not be a carbon copy. Suddenly that teaser image makes a lot of sense.

Subaru’s spokesman told us that their sole purpose at Geneva is to focus attention on their participation in the Toyota-Subaru joint project, that being of course the Subaru-developed boxer powertrain, chassis and suspension package. Not the body.

Expect to finally see the production version of Subaru’s take on the FT86 at the Tokyo Motor Show in December this year.

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