Subaru Dealers Short on 2010 Legacy and Outback Models

Coming off a sales increase of 15 percent for 2009 (while sales across the industry plummeted 21 percent), Subaru dealers are trying to keep up the pace in 2010. Subaru dealers have seen a huge increase in sales of the all-new 2010 Legacy and Outback since their launches, and are hungry for increased inventory.

The Lafayette, Indiana, plant that makes the two cars is currently working overtime, including weekend shifts, trying to keep up with the heightened demand of the all-wheel-drive vehicles. As it stands, the nationwide supply hovers at a mere 10 days. “Our biggest challenge is to get product to dealers so they can achieve another sales increase,” said Subaru COO Tom Doll. When asked just how many Legacys and Outbacks Subaru dealers could sell this year, “we don’t know, because we don’t have excess inventory,” said Phil Porter, chairman of the Subaru National Dealer Advisory Board.

The rest of Subaru’s inventory stands at a 30-day supply, half the industry standard. Subaru is adding extra tooling to its Lafayette facility this April to expand capacity. In January alone, the Japanese automaker realized a 28-percent sales increase over the same period last year. Porter believes the added capacity and production will allow Subaru to surpass last year’s sales record.

Source: Automotive News


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