Stuttgart Surprise: Is Porsche Preparing a Lightweight Cayman Clubsport Model?

The new 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder is a leaner, meaner roadster, but will its fixed-roof cousin — the Cayman — be deprived of all the track-tuned fun? Perhaps not. New reports suggest Porsche is already planning a similar car for the hardtop coupe, which may be known as the Cayman Clubsport.

Porsche representatives were unavailable to comment at this time, but if true, expect a hardcore Cayman to receive upgrades similar to those found on the Boxster Spyder, including:

More Power: The 3.4-liter flat-six currently produces as much as 320 horsepower when fitted in either the Cayman S or the Boxster Spyder, but reports indicate that output could be pushed to 333 horsepower for the Clubsport.

Less Weight: Porsche could strip nearly 160-180 pounds from the Cayman by removing A/C and audio equipment, while adopting aluminum doors, lighter seats, a Lexan rear window (in Europe), and lightweight wheels.

More Downforce: A new front splitter, rear diffuser, and a fixed ducktail spoiler reportedly could help keep the Cayman Clubsport firmly planted to tarmac.

Sound good? Europeans may have it even better, as rumors suggest Euro-spec Clubsports may be offered with an optional track pack, which tosses in a partial roll cage, seat harnesses, and a fire extinguisher.

Should the Cayman Clubsport enter production, look for it to emerge as a 2012 model, and carry a mild price premium (i.e. $3000-$5000) over a “normal” Cayman S.

Source: Planet 9


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