Study: Women Think Exotic Car Drivers Are Arrogant

Will showing up to a date in a fast, expensive car make a positive first impression? Not necessarily, according to a new study from Harris Poll commissioned by online-dating website AnastasiaDate. According to the survey of 2167 American adults, the majority of women associate negative personality traits with flashy cars.

The Harris poll found that 56 percent of female respondents think men who have “exotic” cars are arrogant, while 17 percent think they are insecure. While 52 percent said they’d assume a man driving a flashy car is wealthy, only 21 percent of women surveyed said they had found a man more attractive after learning he drove an expensive or stylish car. Only ten percent said they would date someone they weren’t attracted to, so long as he drove an exotic car.

For men, the survey results showed similar opinions. Of the men surveyed, 52 percent said they would assume a woman were wealthy if she showed up in an exotic or high-performance car, and 33 percent said they would think she was a show-off and 19 percent would expect her to be arrogant.

Other tidbits from the survey include the results that the majority of women surveyed would prefer to ride in a date’s truck or SUV, than a family car or sports car, with 16 percent picking the former types of vehicle. And nearly half of men surveyed said they would like their significant other to be able to drive a manual-transmission car.

The bottom line is simple: arriving in a Jaguar F-Type or Chevrolet Corvette won’t necessarily improve your chances of getting a second date. Bear that in mind next time you’re at the dealership; the Harris Poll results show 19 percent of men pick their next car based on whether it will impress the opposite sex.