Study Finds 26 Percent of Consumers Will Consider Electric Vehicle

With electric cars set to hit showrooms later this year, Consumer Reports conducted a study to find the actual demand for such vehicles. The study found that 26 percent of car buyers are likely to consider a plug-in electric vehicle for their next car.

Although 26 percent of consumers are likely to contemplate an electric car as their next vehicle, the survey found, predictably, that even those consumers are not willing to compromise on features and performance just for going green. Notably, 72 percent of the survey participants said that they would not consider an electric vehicle even if it were equipped similarly to a normal internal combustion car.

Although consumers would not be willing to compromise on content and pure performance, almost all are willing to compromise on range. Of the 1752 people surveyed, the median range they would like to see is only 89 miles compared to the several hundred mile ranges offered by all gasoline-powered cars. Even those who wanted the highest range of around 106 miles significantly decreased their mileage expectations. Around 45 percent of the consumers said they would be satisfied with a range of 75 miles or less, though only 29 percent said a range of 49 miles or less would be sufficient. This is good news for Nissan’s Leaf, as it satisfies all but the highest requirements with its 100-mile range.

However, some respondents had a required daily range longer than what they expected an electric vehicle to complete. Almost 30 percent of those surveyed needed a car that could travel over 200 miles per day without stopping. This is more in line with what the Chevrolet Volt will offer with its extended range electric vehicle capabilities.

Consumer Reports found that 63 percent of consumers would be more likely to purchase an electric vehicle if they had the ability to recharge at work. The survey also found that people didn’t want to pay too much extra for an electric vehicle. Although a person’s price range for a vehicle will vary, the median acceptable premium for an electric vehicle was just over $2000.

Source: Consumer Reports