Strike Prompts $14/gallon Gas in Britain

Think $4 a gallon is expensive for gas?; Thank your lucky stars you’re not paying close to $14 a gallon.; Due to striking tanker-truck drivers, consumers in Britain are doing just that.

Prices for regular unleaded gasoline have shot up to £1.99 per liter, which translates roughly to £9 a gallon – or $14, when you’ve done the international conversion.

The extreme prices and fuel shortage stem from a striking union, which represents truck drivers from Hoyer UK and Suckling Transport.; Both firms are contracted to deliver Shell products to Shell stations across the country.; Although the strike began on Friday, some stations – even non-Shell stations – are already running low or out of fuel, prompting the insane pricing.

Still, those prices haven’t slowed sales; instead, they’ve spurred a wave of panic buying that’s further depleting existing supplies.

Station owners insist that once the fuel supply is restored, prices will return to their normal levels.; Talks between the striking drivers and their companies will resume later this week in hopes of avoiding a shortage through the weekend.

Source: BBC