Street Legal 2007 Ferrari FXX

Edo competition has tuned everything from Ford GTs to Maserati MC12s. Now it’s going for one of the fastest and most outrageous cars in the last 10 years, the Ferrari FXX.

Edo competition has created the only street legal version of the Ferrari FXX and it can be seen driving around edo’s hometown of Westfalen, Germany. Surprisingly, not much needed to be changed to make the FXX street legal. Edo reports that it needed only to change the windshield and the handbrake plus install the necessary lighting. A new suspension and exhaust have been fitted to the car to make it more livable on the streets, but that’s it. The street legal version also has an extra 80 hp from ECU modifications.


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2008 Ferrari 599

MSRP $312,395 GTB Fiorano (Auto) Coupe


11 City / 15 Hwy

Horse Power:

620 @ 7600


448 @ 5600