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Introducing Myself and My Blog

Born: September 11, 1955

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska, which in those days poured sewage from the huge stockyards directly into the Missouri River

Resides: With wife, Susan, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where most of the inhabitants have gone to school throughout their entire lives and derive enormous enjoyment from lecturing one another

Pathology: My father raced stock cars on the local tracks, my uncle collected old Fords, my earliest vocalizations mimicked engine sounds, and as a lad I could always identify cars at night by their taillights

Top speed achieved: 165 mph in Porsche 911 Carrera while participating in the 2002 Targa Newfoundland

Current research: GM in the halcyon period between 1955 and 1967, when there developed a Shakespearean struggle for the kingdom between vice presidents Ed Cole and Bunkie Knudsen

My special vehicle: 2002 Suzuki SV650

Dream car: 1938 Cadillac Series 60 Special

Call someone else in the middle of the night with questions about: Hybrid cars;

Guys I want on my team: Roger Penske, Dan Wheldon, Jay Leno, GM design boss Ed Welburn, Steve Martin, and my selection in the sixth round, Harrison Ford

What I say to the barber: “No comb-over, please”

One of my stories in the magazine that I’d like you to read or reread: “A Little Gumbo Mumbo Jumbo,” October, 1995, page 122



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