Startup Jannarelly Automotive Reveals Design-1 Roadster

Carbon-fiber bodywork and a V-6 engine.

It’s not often that new sports cars emerge from totally unknown brands, but a new company called Jannarelly Automotive soon plans to introduce a new roadster. Called the Jannarelly Design-1, the two-seat convertible has a back-to-basics design that is said to be inspired by “the essence of the Sixties motoring era.”

Jannarelly was founded by W Motors designer Anthony Jannarelly, and Frederic Juillot, the founder of carbon-fiber manufacturing company Equation Composite. The duo plans to bring to market the two-seat roadster that uses carbon-fiber bodywork and a V-6 engine of unspecified origin. Jannarelly and Juillot are based in Dubai and plan to have the first car ready in February 2016, with plans to eventually sell the sports car in Europe and the U.S.

The low and wide Jannarelly Design-1 has huge humps over each wheel, with sharp creases at the apex of each fender flare. The spartan cabin has four-point harnesses for each seat, a racing-style three-spoke steering wheel, and a simple center console with a few switches, and chrome roll bars behind each seat. There are hints of Shelby Cobra and Ford GT in the nose, with its wide-mouth front grille and louvered hood. Huge air intakes above the rear wheels are likely intended to funnel air toward the engine.

The company says its car was designed based on one simple brief: “A really simple and mechanical car with state-of-the-art components, that can be customized until it reflects its owner, in a pure outlaw spirit similar to the projects created by Porsche fans.” We’ll have to wait and see whether this dream reaches reality or remains a wild concept.